Evolutionary Culture-building

Quaker Pathways Forward & Activists’ Inner Landscape Initiatives Envision:

  • Fostering personal and societal transformation: Evolve individually and as a community  toward consciously becoming, generating, and transmitting Love as THE evolutionary Spark — the nature of our true selves AS consciousness. 
  • Contributing to the evolution of the larger consciousness system(the field of universal intelligence,  light), of which we are part by intentionally expanding our awareness beyond the personal self, to align with the universal Self.
  • Serving as conduits for the infusion of universal intelligence  into the apparently afflicted physical realm by learning to consistently function simultaneously  in more than one dimension —or reality-frame.

Mission:  Generate clarity and capacity needed for unified, long range movement-building.


  • Help bring to bear uniquely Quaker and Buddhist relevance in these unprecedented times of increasingly complex and multifaceted global challenges,
  • Operationalize deeper unity and integration within and among Quaker organizations and Buddhist networks in order to deepen the impact of our work on social justice concerns.


  • Cultivate and connect teams of Quaker and Buddhist practitioners who are knowledgeable and capable of holding the big picture while taking practical, strategic actions to guide a multifaceted change process.
  • Promote authentic egalitarian practice among Quaker organizations, Buddhist networks, traditions, and practioners, and,
  • Encourage Quaker monthly meetings and Buddhist sanghas to generate localized solutions that can be prototyped, elevated, framed to show their systemic implications, and made accessible to form a new cultural narratives.


  • Introduce the notion of “evolutionary culture design” as applied to organizational governance and operations in order to foster collaborative internal culture. Immerse those who express further interest in the transformation process.
  • Work with practitioners, organizations and sanghas to develop practical processes for learning, monitoring, analyzing, intervening, and guiding evolutionary culture change.
  • Offer self-awareness practices grounded in neuro, quantum, and cognitive behavioral science in easily digestible exercises through a variety of learning opportunities (e.g. retreats, workshops, talks) to practitioners and organizations.
  • Turnkey information and facilitation suites so that groups at any scale can avail themselves of practices which they can then use on their own and share with others.

Quantum science’s clarification of the inter-relational nature of reality yields helpful information for individual self-transformation, relationships, and evolutionary organizational development. Quaker organizations and Buddhist networks are invited to foster internal environments that encourage constant self-examination, learning, innovation, and evolution toward being Love.