Skillful Means Exercises

Inner landscape cultivation: simulation transcripts and recordings.

Living the Mettā-Life Daily Practice Palette  Compassion and self-compassion practices

Balance & Optimism Plant Medicine 

Plant Protocols

​Plant description, uses, cultivation, harvesting, and production.

Balance & Optimism Tincture

Rosemary (Romarinus officinalis) lifts moderate depression; improves circulation to the brain benefiting moods;  potent antioxidant that assists in recovery from long-term stress.

Lemon Balm  (Melissa officinalis) lifts spirits, relaxes the nervous system, eases agitation, soothes irritability and restlessness. Calms the feeling of panic and heart palpitations.

Ginkgo (Ginkgo biloba) relieves depression as it increases blood circulation to the brain; is high in nutritive antioxidants that protect the brain and nervous system.

Balance & Optimism Tea Blends

  • Rosemary-Lemon Balm Blend
  • Ginkgo-Mint Blend

Tea ball 

 For loose leaf tea brewing.