Determine to Thrive – Reframing Dread and Worry

Skillful Means Exercises

Inner landscape cultivation: simulation transcripts and recordings.

Imaginal Cells

  • Our Relationship with Emotion 
  • The Myth of  Adversaries, Enemies, & Opponents 
  • Mind-mastery: Brainwave Awareness
  • Turn Up the Dial on the Radio of Self

Guided Meditation

  • Skydiving
  • Hot Air Balloon
  • Future Probability

Living the Mettā-Life Daily Practice Palette 

Compassion & Self-compassion Practices

Build an Emotional Self-Mastery Repertoire

Turning the Tables: Cooking to Thrive

Harvest Bowl – delicious, nutritious combination of whole grains, vegetables, fruits and protein topped with a savory dressing and herb sprinkles

Plant Medicine Protocols and Supplies

Confidence and curiosity

Plant Protocol

Plant description, uses, cultivation, harvesting, and production

  • Passion Flower

Tincture: Confidence and Curiosity

Passionflower (Passiflora incarnata) Nervine for calming the body, easing nervous tension and is a sleep aid for insomnia with no sedative hangover on waking. Reduces anxiety, relaxes muscles, and 

eases panic attacks. Passionflower is a pain reliever that is effective for neuralgia. 

Tea Blend: Confidence and Curiosity


Tea ball for loose leaf tea brewing