Work With Compassion & “I See You” practices

let it go with love“My heart opened more to each list of people. I’m now on a first name basis with the guy at the fish market and the check out person in the local market. My sense of myself,  of my being is expanded out from me horizontally. I exist more broadly. I experience myself as extending far beyond myself.”

“People to whom I extend compassion light up like Christmas trees. I’m talking to people with whom I would not normally have a conversation.”

“I found that I was extending compassion to neutrals that translated into ease in conversation with strangers which I usually do not do. It became much easier to engage in  casual conversation. I played with social space. In spaces where I felt dissed, I didn’t diss back.”

“I did the practice in the hardware store and Wallmart. When I went back the next weekheartlistening and saw the same neutral person, she was completely open to me as if she knew me.”

“I’m starting to soften around the person who is difficult. The person became younger. I am less irritated by them and went back to a time when things were better between us. I’m now thinking of reaching out. I’m also feeling a softening for myself.”

“It was a relief to get out of my own thought patterns and respond to prompts. I was aware of my emotional and physical responses. I  felt relaxed, tense, and jarring in my body depending on the sound.”

“I felt irritation and then transferred compassion and realized I wasn’t really extending compassion. It was good to realize that.”

homeless 4“Extending compassion to the homeless panhandler who was aggressive was the hardest. It was helpful to recognize the fear that was being brought up.”

“The neutrals are the hardest because I don’t know what’s going on with them.”


Work With Fear & Egoic Constructs

“There are times when the practice really clicked in when confronting fear of illness and old age.”

“My artistic self makes me happiest but I push it aside as “play” that isn’t getting the message across.”

“I’ve identified a core incident of humiliation from childhood and now find myself constantly noticing children who are being as lovingly raised as I should have been.”

“I’m becoming more and more aware that an avatar is what this body is. I can feel my body talking and relating to people, experiencing two realities.”

“There was more spaciousness giving me the power to work with fear that was no longer silencing me even though I knew that there would be repercussions.”

“I was asking myself how can I sit in silent worship with this fear. He never shuts up. He would be whispering to me, yammering without pause. I see this as a chance to sit in silence with it and see what happens.”

“It’s not hard to have altered states. But i shut them down. I need to learn how to make them primary and not subordinate.”

big squish 1“Communicating with my fear made the unknown much less of a problem. I felt less fear of not being understood or accepted. I felt like I was in an ocean of love.”Ocean blanket

“For most of the month I couldn’t talk to my fear. It just sat there in blobby incompetence. So I started manipulating and transforming it. I broke off pieces of it, transforming it so I ended up having a relationship with it that way. When I asked it if it served me and if I saw it as an asset, the process of working with it physically reminded me of the experience of making ‘good or bad art.’ This made me question whether the concept of competence is relevant.”

” I realized that I constantly defer to men and do not utilize my own strength. The role was a way to not truly live into who I am.”


“I’m able to embrace confusion and fear as the horrible expression on my face becomes beautiful in a magical, real, experiential way. I’m getting a picture of how workable our minds and hearts are in real time.”

“As I walked to a film workshop feeling anxious about the many important filmmakers who would attend, I got images of a wall coming up in front of me as I walked. As this continued to happen I understood that it was appearing to protect me at the same time it was blocking and limiting me.”

“Some of the constructs which I thought were who I am, are actually who I want to be.”

“Sometimes I didn’t feel much around certain roles and came to the recognition that they weren’t really me.”

ego baloonPractice Outcomes, Self-Pacing and the Sneaky Ego: “I felt like a fox slinking around the outline of the egoic constructs finding ways not to do the practice.”

“I heard ego communicating, ‘Keep everything the same.’ It wants to control external circumstances to keep me safe and not opening to new experience.”

“Our bird, Stevie has a happy good life. He flies around the house for an hour a day, sits and eats paper. I had a dream about being in a golden cage which was about peace. Part of me wanted to be in a cage. I felt safe there, like being stuck in well. I felt cared for in the cage. Nothing can be expected of me there although it’s limiting me. I’m confused, anxious, and afraid to leave the cage.”

“I appreciate remembering that i have firsthand knowledge of the light. Feeling appreciation for what I do from moment to moment as a much more conscious part of my life is a gift of this practice. Paying attention to the modalities has made me think about the fact that I put lavender in my humidifier for example.”

“The practice got me through the night and brought me to a place of peace and love.”

“There was a moment when i realized that i could be weighed down by this or feel free. I chose freedom.”

Meditation Drawing“I finally arrived at poetic mind and stopped thinking.”

“I have analytically arrived at the conclusion that I need to turn of my analytical mind and do self-observing, meditation practices.”

“I am morphing into light and all of this dark energy is floating out and dissolving into light.”

“It’s very interesting to hear other people’s experience because we are all so different.”

MultidimensionalUniverseInsideOurBrainFeature“This work is powerful, creating wonderful spiritual confusion. Man, it feels like it’s really happening inside.”

“I’m expanding, seeing the same things as before with more dimension. I ask myself, what else is there? I’m disintegrating but it doesn’t feel like a bad thing.”

“There were times when with family I could bring in my “freedom self” and was not triggered.”

“As I am expanding internally,  I’m working with people, staff and leadership whose whole adult career is about separating people and information into categories. They are older, and in the world that we live in their way of thinking has been proven right. So my thinking is about how to increase understanding when hiring.”

“I have lived most of my life in fear and I can feel this loosening.”

piglet gratitude

“I’ve used the practice a lot on the spur of the moment.”slide projector

“People are recognizing that I’m less apologetic and my confidence is growing. I feel motion, momentum, and an urgency to action, to making decisions.”

“I feel more detached and observant.”

“The practice is bringing calm to the over-stimulation, noise and construction that’s part of daily life in the city. I feel a connection with people on the subway —very present and aware.”

“Working with the simulations, filling the room with bright yellow light has helped me deal with knee pain which had left me feeling alone and sad since I can’t go walking with my friends. I have more control over my body pain and my experience of the world’s pain.”

“I have found going to those slides helpful in staying calm with my difficult ex-husband.”slides.jpg.638x0_q80_crop-smart

“I’m enjoying wonderful blankness — moments when one just stumbles on the feeling of bliss and wellbeing and there is nothing else there.”

“I’ve made drawings of the slides. In drawing the negative story, the slide changed.”

“I center deeper and  faster. As we were sitting in silence we both heard someone come in behind us but there was no one there.”

“These practices allow me to stand back and see my  ‘light self’ as well as the avatar.”

“The tray of new, empowering experiences kicked in on its own without my having to think about it.”

“I know that I have earthly and unseen beings supporting me.”

“I’m now producing which uses a very different part of the brain from predominantly camera work. Previously I would have been procrastinating out of fear of not doing it right. Now I’m able to feel the fear fully and act.”

“There is now more space where I can breathe between me and the story of, ‘I’m scrabble couragealone in the world and I’m not enough.’ Once when that story arose, I decided to take a walk and the people on the Resourceful Beings tray were there for me. As I walked and thought about being alone I remembered that I’m not because I could recall times when people were there for me. Returning from the walk I was smiling, almost skipping because I had cave 2tapped into this practice and could really feel their presence.”

“Meditation is becoming much more accessible and a delight, not a chore. I’m now constantly meditating all of the time as a function of practice. I’m mentally and spiritually in a new place.”

empty room 3“I had a physical reaction using the simulation through the crown of my head that was so powerful and full of positivity that I turned around to see if someone else might have felt or noticed it. I thought to myself that I must be in the flow of God.”

“I can now see places where the light of my true self shines through that I had not seen before.”

“When someone wanted to read poems into the silence I got mad and used the practice with the situation. I brought in Jesus and my liberation slide. I felt wholeness and an opened heart. I felt the air in meeting thicken as the meeting began to gather.”

“My fear has softened. It’s not hard. It has become more permeable. It is me and I fish in bigger bowlam it. I’ve asked it questions but haven’t had any answers yet.”

“I recognize how often the fear appears in my life and interrupts my thoughts.”

“The simulation was helpful dealing with anxiety during airplane flights. When anxious I associated into the person who loves me unconditionally, recognized the anxiety, and surrounded it with blue light. It got smaller.”

“My recent airplane dreams have not been disastrous.”

“Simulations are becoming move vivid.”

“My brain is changing. People tell me that they can see it in my demeanor.”

“I lost two close friends who were like family since we last spoke. I grieved but I door to heavenrealized that I’m in a different place knowing about the avatar. It doesn’t feel like it would have before. There is a feeling of comfort. I know when it’s my time, I will be more spiritually prepared.”

“Using the simulations has brought me out of depression.”

“I use the ego constructs to check in with myself. The constructs come in as threads, like sticky spider webs.”

“I just say to my fear, Come on dude, let’s talk about this. He’s just giving me groans at this point. Perhaps I’m trying to dominate the conversation.”

“I go through the slides in a ritualistic way as a preparation. I realize that all of this is within me. I’m allowing it to unveil itself and live through me. It performs and pervades my form.”feelings on off

“I experience myself as an eddy in a river, changing all of the time but remaining water.”

“There’s a huge shift in my relationship with my thoughts. I stay with discomfort and am not subject and beholden to my feelings. I see negative feelings as research for greater joy that is folding into a bigger path, not as backsliding.”

“I had to mourn the unresourceful slide as I realized it was going away and I had to say goodbye to it for the last time.”

“Bringing the Resourceful Person into the slide helped me see that it was the other person’s problem not mine. His protective presence was key.”

“The shooting triggered some PTSD. I’m stopping to ask myself, Why am I experiencing this? I allow myself to feel it, accept it, not deny, suppress or silo it.”

When I meld into this slide I feel freedom from my material self.”

“I see challenges as opportunities now.”

“My sister was in town and it dawned on me, “Oh wait, you have this tool you can use.”

“I can recognize passive aggressive feelings and then come back into the conversation with assertive confidence.”

“I feel movement and creative energy, I’m not stuck. I feel a peaceful security.”

“I always tend to approach things from a point of weakness. Now I realize that I can choose to start from a place of my power.”

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