Dedication of Merit Aspiration

We dedicate the fruit of our collective intention over the course of our lifetimes to date, to easing the suffering of all beings.
We’ve collectively chosen, and remain steadfast in bringing forth a new and ever-evolving way of being in the world.
We’ve determined to engage in compassionate acts of radical imagining and evolutionary culture-building. We envision that:
  • All beings are free,
  • All beings are at peace,
  • All beings awaken.
Our vision includes everyone equally in our love. This cultivates our loving-kindness and commitment to the equality of beings.
This offering does not condone harmful actions. Rather it embraces the possibility of transforming the ignorance that drives harmful actions.
Evolutionary culture-building stretches our minds further, opens our hearts wider, and perpetually creates the possibility for ever-expanding awareness to open up before us.
In humility we recognize:
  • That if we cannot envision and imagine something with sustained attention and intention, it’s nearly impossible to actualize it.
  • That we choose in every nanosecond from a probability distribution of potential, lesson-rich pathways.
May all obscurations and distortions fall away.
We dedicate all of the merit accrued through our learning and virtuous acts, for the benefit of all beings without exception and to the ever-evolving expanse of loving totality.
May we allow ourselves, may we fully BE the love that we are.