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Imaginal Cells

$6.99/month – $81/year

Daily email prompts for practices which facilitate self-transmutation. Just as in a caterpillar’s chrysalis imaginal cells trigger metamorphosis into a butterfly, daily practice cues remind us to focus on becoming the vastness of who we are.

Imaginal Cells Collections

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$9/ month – $108/ year

  • Self-transformation exercises online
  • Guided meditations & visualizations
  • Imaginal Cells: Practice Prompts Emailed Daily
  • Access to CSE and Plant Medicine articles online


$27/ month – $324/ year

All of the benefits above, plus

  • Loose-leaf workbook-binder and hard copies of skillful means exercises
  • Local CSE practitioner group access
  • Self-transformation exercises online and hard copies for workbook-binder


$54/ month – $648/ year

All of the benefits above, plus

  • Bundle bandanna-scarf
  • Plant Medicine Plan of choice:
    • Reskilling Resilience-building – A monthly bundle
    • Plant Medicine on Demand – Individual bundles of plant medicine and skillful means exercises provided upon request which support specific challenges.
    • Strategic Personal Care Intervention – Individual bundles & consultations
  • Option: CSE Orientation session & CSE Network Access


$250/ quarterly – $1,000/ year

All of the benefits above, plus

  • Bindle – All Items
    • Bandanna
    • Bundle basket
    • Hiking staff
    • Workbook binder
  • Access to Woodstock Timebank Neighbor Exchange Community
    • Meta, non-local neighbor exchanges
    • Local Delaware Country, PA neighbor exchanges


$600/ quarterly – $2,400/ year

All of the benefits above, plus

  • 20% CSE Retreat discount
  • Consultations:
    • 4 Strategic personal self-care consultation per year
    • 2 Plant medicine consultations
    • 2 Flower essence consultations

Selfcare Membership benefits and bundle contents may vary or be modified due to seasonal and other variables.