Brent Bill: A Modest Proposal for Revitalization of Quaker Message

Brent Bill 7-2015bBrent Bill: A Modest Proposal for the Revitalization of the Quaker …. Toward the end of my presentation, I admitted that I had some interest in the future of the Friends message in North America. Particularly, I said, I was not so much interested in the institutional survival of the Religious Society of Friends (and it’s various structures) as I was a recapturing of the vitality of the Quaker understanding of the Gospel — a Good News that combines the story and work of Christ Jesus with the amazing power of the testimonies as an understanding of how the Gospel is to be lived. I then showed some statistics that appear to indicate there is widespread interest in the general public in the Quaker understanding of the Gospel and yet we, as the Friends “church,” are failing to reach out to people who seek places to connect with this message.

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