Strengthening tonic for nerves. Rejuvenates tissue throughout the body. Promotes vitality and restful sleep,
Reduces fatigue and anxiety. Improves memory.
 Prostate Power
Tonifies prostate linings, detoxifies and helps shrink enlarged prostate, reducing inflammation. Urinary
antiseptic improves flow and reduces pain of urination. Helps address impotence, reduced sex drive and
atrophy of the testes.
• Vigor, Vitality & Stamina
Promotes vitality, longevity, stamina, and endurance; Rejuvenates and normalizes reproductive hormones
increasing sperm count and blood flow.
• Men’s Detox
Cleanses the blood, and lymphatic systems of toxins and waste build up. Anti-inflammatory clears heavy
metals, pollution, infection and acts as a tonic for kidneys. Improves metabolism of liver hormones.

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