CSE – Community Supported Enlightenment Confidentiality Baseline #2: We can only authentically share that of the practices which we’ve: a) directly, consistently lived, and, b) from which we’ve experienced personal transformation, once we’ve learned how to access practices/guidance. Once we’ve learned how to access practices/guidance for ourselves, the desire to convey the results of another’s experiences ceases.

(See Confidentiality Baseline #1 Below)

Those who need to ask if they can share the practices with others  (simulations, not supports to practice) are invited to get quiet and listen deeply in order to more fully grasp the reason for doing this work.

The practices offered to the (CSE) Community Supported Enlightenment Network, boil down to guidance transmitted through the lenses of one person’s experience  —shaped,colored, and conveyed through the prism of their enculturation and training. 

Artwork by Gavin Worth

The objective of the CSE is to provide tools that facilitate everyone’s ability to be in constant conscious contact with: 1) the frequency of Self-as-consciousness, and, 2) guides/instructors who are accessible at that frequency. We aim to build the capacity to expand perspective, heighten self-awareness, and skillfully tap into our internal guidance system at will in order to receive our own version of transformative processes for ourselves in service to the collective. 

It’s when we’re able to function consistently in this way —live authentically for increasingly longer periods of time in this space ourselves, that we’re able to effectively convey “practices” to others. We’ve become skilled in the process of accessing guidance/practices. Each and every one of us has this ability. It is also at the point of claiming this personal agency in humility that the desire to share practices which come through the lenses of another person becomes unnecessary and irrelevant. There is a “knowing” that you also have personal skill, and agency.

“If you name me, you negate me. By giving me a name, a label, you negate all the other things I could possibly be.”— Søren Kierkegaard 

aura-2Theosophist, C.W. Leadbeater’s imprint on our collective visual notion of the human aura is a case in point of the perpetuated inaccuracy of the bandwagon effect fueled by the intellect’s drive to concretize THE way. Leadbeater, an early 20th century mystic, published his visual interpretation of his own mystical experience of the human aura in the 1902 book, Man Visible and Invisible.

Rather than opening themselves to experiencing the auric/morphic field in their own way, people imprinted with Leadbeater’s published illustrations have carried the intent and expectation of seeing what he described into their own exploration of the human aura for 118 years. When seekers simply accept the experiences of one person as the correct sought after experience, they choke off possibilities for their own unique learning adventure.  In affect, the avatar mind-brain, driven by its need to concretize phenomenon in order to intellectually understand it, reduces the free flowing wave to a particle, thereby stunting its potentiality.

Accordingly, parroting the result of someone else’s experience without having mastered the process that precipitated it does a disservice to ourselves as seekers, as helpers, AND harms listeners. In this instance one can only offer, “the particle,” a snapshot of another person’s experience which truncates the listener’s understanding of what could potentially be an expansive, dynamic, self-driven learning process leading to their own unique experience.

CSE – Community Supported Enlightenment Confidentiality Baseline #1: Ongoing Emergence: 

  • Source: Practices emerge from a source that is accessible to all, and is not three dimensional; reflected in information that isn’t present in the receiver’s individuated avatar mind-brain,  
  • The Wider Whole*: Emergence of ongoing practices is a function of:
    • The interaction between the intent of Self-as-consciousness, and guidance received at frequencies that are more expansive than that of the holographic material world. 
    • The degree of receptivity among all CSE members, and the consciousness of the receiver at any given point in time. These condition the types and sequence of practices that emerge.
    • CSE Feedback loops. A practice is like a pebble dropped into the pond of the CSE’s collective consciousness in each monthly practice group sharing cycle. The pebble produces a concentric ring – ripple effect which radiates out and deepens in complexity as practitioners work with it and share. Additional guidance about a practice may download at any point in a monthly practice group cycle given where the CSE is in consciousness. The enhanced practice is the offered going forward, and deepens the processing of the practice in review sessions. 
(The aforementioned is aka: 1) That which incessantly emerges from the free flow of information throughout interwoven, integrative levels in complex systems, and, 2) Mutual causality and dependent co-arising in Buddhism.)
  • Therefore, to share a practice is to share a snapshot and negate all of its additional dynamic potentiality. Sharing of the process of accessing practices/guidance (i.e. supports to practice) is encouraged and welcomed.
Practices are the internal “workspaces” and landscapes that CSE uses and the simulations that take place therein.
Supports to practice are:
  • Attraction and aversion exercises
  • Compassion exercises
  • Contemplative exercises
  • Guided visualization warm-ups
  • Non-attachment exercises
  • Processing modality warm-ups
  • Self-observing warm-ups
I love you just the way you are. —Mr. Fred Rogers  

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