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Organically Weaving Indra’s Net, Jewel by Precious Jewel

Indra’s net: A stunning ancient metaphor for the holographic nature of the universe, non-locality, interconnectedness, and the interdependency of everything and everyone.

Brain function Cognitive Restructuring contemplative practice Mysticism Neural plasticity Neurolinguistics Quantum science Self-guided Neural Plasticity spiritual deepening Visualization

Confidentiality: If you have to ask, get quiet and listen deeply

Those who need to ask if they can share the practices with others  (simulations, not supports to practice) are invited to get quiet and listen deeply in order to more fully grasp the reason for doing this work.

The objective of the CSE is to facilitate everyone’s ability to be in constant conscious contact with: 1) the frequency of self-as-consciousness, and, 2) guides/instructors who occupy that frequency. We aim to build the capacity to expand perspective, heighten self-awareness, and skillfully tap into our internal guidance system at will to receive our own version of transformative processes for ourselves in service to the collective.

Brain function Buddhism Buddhist Practice Cognitive Restructuring contemplative practice digital physics Mysticism Neural plasticity Neurolinguistics Quaker Clearness Quakerism Self-guided Neural Plasticity spiritual deepening Visualization

There is Nothing New Under the Sun: May we Transcend the Sun

At the “micro,” nuts and bolts level, our practices offer nothing that hasn’t already been brought forward 5000 years ago by seers and sages, and more recently by scores of  …

Brain function Cognitive Restructuring contemplative practice Evolutionary Culture-building Neural plasticity Neurolinguistics Self-guided Neural Plasticity Visualization

Neuroscience Context for Practice I.

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Mastery of our minds is essential to living in alignment with our highest, selves, i.e. with Love. Such mastery  involves working intentionally, creatively, and consistently with our brains.

We can train our minds to change the physical structure and the function(s) of the brain. If we continually pay attention to, and purposefully direct our thought processes we can gain tremendous self-knowledge. Until we begin to consistently work with the dynamics of our longstanding habits, belief systems, points of reference, and patterns, these processes run us. The brain defaults to what is familiar, not necessarily to what is healthy and growth producing.

We can shape, reshape, and mold our malleable brains like modeling clay to deliberately foster optimal growth and transformation. The terrain of the brain stands at the ready. We just need to pick up the tools and work methodically.  

Brain function Cognitive Restructuring contemplative practice Mysticism Neural plasticity Neurolinguistics neuroscience Quantum science Self-guided Neural Plasticity Visualization

Love is THE Evolutionary Spark

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We are called to reclaim, live, and become the TRUTH of —Love— . Deep, impersonal, all-abiding love,   —the “evolutionary spark,” is impervious to the onslaught of our culture’s attempt to  commercialize, trivialize, and commodify it.

Becoming and being love connotes experiencing and transmitting the joyous “evolutionary spark” which propels our growth toward ever greater conscious alignment with the larger consciousness system.  

BECOMING LOVE: is to consistently expand our awareness beyond the self, (personal avatar-centeredness*), into Self (larger frame of consciousness). This means to live into —  intentionally experience our oneness with others and with ALL. When that experience becomes the norm it pervades, and conditions our relationships and we become universal love receivers, generators, and transmitters at once.

Brain function contemplative practice Evolutionary Culture-building Neural plasticity social transformation spiritual deepening

Rekindling the Fire of Fox: An Evolving Community-of-Practice

By, Pamela Boyce Simms
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Accurate guidance comes only from within while in CONSCIOUS unity with the undifferentiated, quantum field of unified intelligence.  

Community-of-practice group dynamic: Rekindling the Fire of Fox practices are incessantly evolving and emerge from community-of-practice participants’ direct personal experiences.

As practitioners record each practice and their experiences in writing,  they integrate both brain function and subjective experience.

Writing  our insights with a utensil other than a keyboard during small group sessions is, in and of itself part of a balancing, healing, awareness-expanding process.

contemplative practice Evolutionary Culture-building Quaker Clearness Quaker Discernment Quakerism social transformation spiritual deepening

Rekindling the Fire of Fox: Quaker Evolutionary Culture-building

By Pamela Boyce Simms
Quaker Pathways Forward -MINISTRY PREMISES
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Global society faces an existential crisis.
Quakers have historically been a catalyst in American social transformation.
Many Friends have the capacity to tap into archival memory, the DNA of Quaker contemplative practice, and leadings therefrom to guide people through the narrow straights of climate change disruptions, economic upheaval and systems collapse.
The time has come again for Friends to stand in the epicenter of social transformation and model an evolutionary response to society’s multi-tiered, existential challenges.

Buddhism Buddhist Practice contemplative practice Quakerism spiritual deepening

Buddhists, Friends, and Buddhist-Quaker Harmonic Unity with Nature

By Pamela Boyce Simms
Cross-posted from Befriending Creation, Quaker Earthcare Witness
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Quakers who celebrate their unity with nature, like Buddhists, know that separation of humans from nature is an artificial construct.
In fact, the absence of an isolated, permanent self which is separate and independent of the environment is at the heart of Buddhist practice. In Buddhism, “no [permanent] self” is the first “mark of existence.” i understand my “self” to be a process –a continually changing flow of interactions with my environment. Therefore, i am my environment and my environment is me.