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Forgiveness: A Basic Key to Growth

Forgiveness is a choice. Forgiveness is taking responsibility for our emotional wellbeing. Forgiveness is about our healing and not about those who have hurt us. Forgiveness stops the blaming of …

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Joy is NOT above our pay grade: Compassion practices, self-observing, and joyful living.

Amazingly, when a community practitioner was invited to associate into high frequency emotions like joy, gratitude, and compassion, he stated, “I’d like to go there, but joy is above my …

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Community-of-Practice Democratizes “Esoteric” Quaker Mysticism

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Quaker Friends speak of a state of “unity.” Mystics worldwide describe resting in and obtaining guidance from undifferentiated consciousness as the ultimate state of bliss.

The Quaker Pathways Forward community-of-practice takes the mystery [but not the awe] out of “mystical.” We usher the mystical experience out of the esoteric closets of the few by participating together in practices which democratize the opportunity for ALL interested Friends to co-create with spirit. The community-of-practice cultivates Friends’direct, frequent, and sustained experience of the light —the undifferentiated field.
A “Mystical experience” is where deep contemplative practice melds with reality as a probability distribution as explained by quantum science, digital physics, and neurobiology.

In community, Friends foster and hone ongoing, conscious alignment with universal intelligence lived daily, for their evolution, and that of society.

Brain function Cognitive Restructuring contemplative practice Mysticism Neural plasticity Neurolinguistics neuroscience Quantum science Self-guided Neural Plasticity Visualization

Love is THE Evolutionary Spark

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We are called to reclaim, live, and become the TRUTH of —Love— . Deep, impersonal, all-abiding love,   —the “evolutionary spark,” is impervious to the onslaught of our culture’s attempt to  commercialize, trivialize, and commodify it.

Becoming and being love connotes experiencing and transmitting the joyous “evolutionary spark” which propels our growth toward ever greater conscious alignment with the larger consciousness system.  

BECOMING LOVE: is to consistently expand our awareness beyond the self, (personal avatar-centeredness*), into Self (larger frame of consciousness). This means to live into —  intentionally experience our oneness with others and with ALL. When that experience becomes the norm it pervades, and conditions our relationships and we become universal love receivers, generators, and transmitters at once.