2020 Selfcare Bundles

Bundle 1Chronic stress, fatigue, exhaustion and burnoutVitality, strength and mental clarity
Bundle 2Anxiety and panicCalm and equanimity
Bundle 3DepressionJoy, happiness and dynamic exhilaration
Bundle 4Discursive thought:
persistent  distraction or revolving mental rumination
Concentrated-focus or no-thought
Bundle 5Dread and worryConfident anticipation
Bundle 6Overwhelm, engulfed stuck-states and paralysisPerspective, clarity, purposeful action
Bundle 7Despair, demoralization,
helplessness and powerlessness
Agency, capacity and
lighthearted optimism
Bundle 8Grief and lossWholeness, gratitude and elation
Bundle 9Anger, chronic irritation,
rage and aggression
Curiosity about self-discovery
and core calm
Bundle 10Heart – walled off from emotions, coldness, closed hardnessIntuitive empathy and self-compassion
Bundle 11Heart – broken (eros, philia), loss, longing, betrayal, woundedWholeness, self-compassion, belonging, and contentment
Bundle 12Heart – broken (agape), pain for humanity, the world; tender and vulnerableExpansive-compassion

*Guided Meditation Table of Contents


Beyond Transformation

Transmutation of the self dwarfs the ways in which we are changed through self-transformation. While transformation is a key first step toward living as our true-selves, transmutation is nothing short of complete metamorphosis. Transmutation of the self is to see through the mirage of egoic constructs, dissolve opacity therein, and live into our true-selves at the frequency of Self as consciousness.

Transformation changes the appearance we project to the world. We feel and perceive ourselves differently so there is a shift and alteration of thoughts, emotions, and behaviors. This appears to be a radical change. Yet outworn parts of the old self that no longer serve our most efficient spiritual growth remain covertly operative in some form and will eventually resurface to be reckoned with.To transmute the egoic self is to be consciously aware of, and daily live into the vastness of true-Self.